Bomsy character selection screenshot Bomsy city screenshot
Bomsy swamp screenshot Bomsy victory screen screenshot

What: Windows/macOS/Linux game. Available on Steam and
When: 2017
Contribution: Lead Developer
Technologies: Unity, C#
Description: Bomsy is a fast, aim-based, multiplayer arena brawler with destructible maps. Take out your opponents by launching bombs in their direction, breaking the ground from under them, or pushing them off the edge! Go after your enemies right off the bat or dig around and hoard upgrades before you decide to engage. The map is your playground; swing off blocks, blast jump to high ground, or quickly roll to safety. With so many ways to get around, Bomsy is made to feel smooth, responsive, and rewarding. Round up your friends and start playing in the bright and colourful world of Bomsy!
More info: Website